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Showcases configuration

The goal of the Showcase is to group all yours Ads in one place


Service Free Premium
Lack of Advertisement
Immediate publication
Cover image
Powerful tools
Opened to Individuals, Associations ans Business
Specific informations related to Business
Address + Google Maps™ link
Facebook™ page
Users' group


The tools are displayed depending on your user rights and explained below

Tool Free Premium
Contact Showcase
Mark as spam
Shortcut + Qrcode
Follow Showcase and receive notifications
Showcase modification (text and pictures)
Valid for 1 year, renewable at maturity under the same conditions
Delete the Showcase
Create my Ad
Easy sharing on social networks/email


Free Showcase : 0 crd
Premium Showcase : 10 crd

Credits pricing

Premium services fund the site, this ensures that your personal data is not sold. They also help avoid fraudulent Ads, because beyond 500 € a Premium Ad is required. This leaves a bank trace that allows, through our partner, to go back more easily to the author and thus reassures the buyer.

The Showcase is created for 1 year. After that, it may be renewed upon payment of 10 crd in the case of a Premium Showcase and 0 crd in the case of a free Showcase. The deAdline is given to you when publishing, by reception of the information's email and you will be reminded by email, 30 days and 7 days prior to expiry and the expiry day. If the Showcase is not renewed, it is irrevocably deleted, and its content (except Ads), the day after its expiry.


Sample Free Showcase    -    Sample Premium Showcase

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