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Why Edlo.eu?

The new standard of classifieds Ads!

Edlo.eu is a Participative, Social & Solidarity website of free and Premium classified Ads. We want to offer the best service WITHOUT Advertising, WITHOUT transfer of your personal data and to prevent fraudulent Ads!

Participative, Social and Solidarity website


The Advertiser and client community is involved in the management of the site and the Ads. Experiment points allow certain correction/participation privileges.

>> Participative <<


Ease of sharing, commenting on Ads, media and other interactions create links and fosters exchanges. A public user profile helps to build trust.

>> Social <<


Part of Edlo.eu's earnings are donated every month to associations selected by the community. It is also possible to give or exchange its goods.

>> Solidarity <<

How participative helps to build trust

Our strengths

Global & Local

Each Region, Province or City has its own page, which allows to follow a specific place and allows a better referencing on the search engines.
The site is multilingual and will be available for several European countries.

Powerful tools

Ads are open to comments, interactions are facilitated, Ads and Showcases have statistics (Premium), shortcuts, possibility of selection/deselection, modification, following, etc.

Modern & Scalable

The site is based on open-source software and like them, it is constantly evolving. It is designed to fit all types of devices, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Edlo.eu versus Le Bon coin

What are the differences between Edlo.eu and Le Bon coin?

Or why Advertise on Edlo.eu while Le Bon coin exists.

Service Logo Edlo.eu Edlo.eu Le Bon coin
Free Ad
Contact Advertiser
Lack of Advertisement
Immediate publication
User's public profile
5 images for free Ad
30 images for Premium Ad
Video for Premium Ad
Free push top
Free modification
Ad's comments
Powerful tools
Shortcut + Qrcode
Great fame (Not yet)

Make your choice...

Our products



  • 5 images
  • Immediate publication
  • Free modification
  • Push top (1/48H)


  • 30 images
  • 1 video
  • Push top (1/24H)



  • Cover image
  • Logo
  • Powerful tools


  • Users' group
  • Specific Premium Information (Address, website, etc.)

First visit?

So, welcome!

Why an account?

An account is required to publish and view phone numbers (we preserve this information). To simplify access, you can use your Facebook™, Google+™ or Windows Live™ account.
The account is NOT necessary to view Ads, or contact the owner.

The account is free!

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Why credits?

Edlo.eu offers a good service of free classified Ads, but for those who wish to go even further, we offer Premium Ads and Showcases. Credits are used to pay these services.

Premium services fund the site, this ensures that your personal data is not sold. They also help avoid fraudulent Ads, because beyond 500 € a Premium Ad is required. This leaves a bank trace that allows, through our partner, to go back more easily to the author and thus reassures the buyer.

When creating your account, 1 credit of welcome is offered!

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